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Multigrain Bread #sikandalouscuisine

Set Oven 450F / 230C.  Baking Time 30 Minutes . Will yield 3-4 loaves 

This recipe was adapted from a bread posted in The New York Times Cooking . The original recipe used only plain flour , I added bajra , jowar and ragi to regular maida. I also added dried thyme.Bread came out nice and light and tasted great ,though I wasnt too happy with the crust - would have liked it crunchier - maybe next time another 5-7 minutes ?  Here is what I did .

4.5 Cups Flour / Maida.
1/2 Cup Bajra Flour.
1/2 Cup Ragi Flour.
1/2 Cup Jowar Flour.
1 Tablespoon Dried Parsley.
1.5 Tablespoons Dried Yeast.
1.5 Tablespoons Sea Salt. 

1.In a large bowl or plastic container, mix yeast and salt into 3 cups lukewarm water (about 100 degrees). Stir in flours and thyme if using , mixing until there are no dry patches. Dough will be quite loose. Cover, but not with an airtight lid. Let dough rise at room temperature 2 hours (or up to 5 hours).

​2. ​
When ready to bake, sprinkle a little flour on dough and cut off a grapefruit-size piece with serrated knife. Turn dough in hands to lightly stretch surface, creating a rounded top and a lumpy bottom. let rest 40 minutes.

​3. ​
Place broiler pan on bottom of oven.
​Preheat 20 minutes , 
Pour one cup hot water into broiler pan and shut oven quickly to trap steam. 
​Place bread to bake and ​b
ake until well browned, about 30 minutes. Cool completely.

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