Sunday, 2 July 2017

Chakotra Sandeko #sikandalouscuisine

A nice and spicy Nepalese  Pomelo salad - you can use oranges or whatever works ..  ' sandeko '  roughly means marination - here in mustard oil . This salad comes with a hit of raw mustard oil and garlic and isn't for the faint hearted . If you like the taste of mustard oil and garlic - you will love this  rustic Nepalese dish.

There is no fixed recipe , some add curd - adjust to your tastebuds chilies and garlic. Just remember , everything in here is raw ! So here is what I did.

2 Cups Pomelo / Grapefruit Segments - Do remove all the white membrane and seeds.
1/4 Cup Raw Mustard Oil.
Green Chilies To Taste.
1 Heaped Teaspoon Roughly Chopped Garlic.
Chili Powder To Taste
Pinch of Haldi.

Essentially mix everything , get your hands messy and give the mixture 7-8 good squeezes to draw out the fruit juices. Taste and adjust salt . If you allow the salad to rest a few hours it tastes even better .

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