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Aloo Jhinge Palonshaak Poshto #sikandalouscuisine ( Potato, Ribbed Gourd, Spinach in Poppy Seed Paste)

This Fabulous recipe was shared by Zavher Amit Chowdhury . I love potatoes , posto and Bong food , so how could I not make it , and am I glad I did . Delicious it was and will be made regularly at home as we all loved it .

6 Medium Potatoes.
1 Small Bunch Spinach.
1 Large Jheenga Tori / Ribbed Gourd 
1 Tomato.
3 Green Chillies.

1 Teaspoon Panchforan.
( Home made - equal quantities of jeera, rye methi and a little less of onion seeds and saunf.)

6 Tablespoons Khuskhus paste.
1.5 Teaspoons Garlic paste.
1 Heaped Turmeric Powder 

( To make this we soak the poppy seeds in water and add green chilies to it while grinding. I make a whole lot and freeze it so I can use it as I need to. Add a dash of oil to keep it fresh prior to freezing)

1. Cut the potatoes into medium sized dices. Wash and cut the jheenga also into dices. Clean and chop the spinach leaves. Chop the tomato.
2. Heat oil. Add the panchforan .
3. Add in the potatoes , once slightly cooked add in the tori and the spinach. Add the tomato, salt and turmeric. Cover and let it cook in its own steam.
4. Once it's 3/4 done, add in the poppy seed and garlic pastes. Stir well. Add a dash of water if needed. Season.
5. Cover and cook for about another 8 to.10 minutes. We just break some green chilies onto the top for added flavour.I added a bit of water maybe 1/2 cup to get some semi gravy.
6. You may add chopped coriander leaves at the end and give it a nice stir.
7. To die for with hot steamed rice.

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