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Pumpkin Erissery #sikandalouscuisine

A big thank you to Prima Kurien for this delicious recipe . I made it twice , the first time as a curry and the second time I broke tradition and kept it more dry . They both tasted brilliant , personally I enjoyed the dryer version more . Am sharing a photograph of both versions , the wet one in comments . Everyone at home loves this recipe and I hope you do too .


1.5 Tablespoons Ghee.
3/4 Teaspoon Mustard Seeds.
3 Shallots Sliced Thin.
Curry Leaves.
3 Dried Red Chilies.

Masala (ground to a coarse paste )

3/4 Cup Grated Coconut.
3 Big Green Chilies.
1 Teaspoon Jeera
3 Cloves Garlic.
1/2 Teaspoon Haldi.

Other ingredients

1/2 Kg .Pumpkin Cubed.
1/2 Cup or Less Arhar Dal - The pumpkin is the hero of the dish. Dal is supporting cast
Salt to taste


1 In a pressure cook the dal (pre soak for 30 mins.) , add pumpkin to it and pressure cook one whistle.
2. Mash the pumpkin with the back of a wooden spoon - lightly. Add salt.
3. Add the Masala to this mix - heat gently over medium flame. Stir gently.
4. Finally temper the curry
Your Erissery is ready.Thank you once again Prima for this gem.

Pumpkin can be substituted with raw banana and yam. Best eaten with hot rice .

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