Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Mixed Fruit Kheer #sikandalouscuisine

I watched Sanjeev Kapoor making mixed fruit kheer and thought it was pretty cool . He used leftover rice which I thought was great , but  sauteed his fruit in butter - which though may bring out more flavors , I didnt think it was needed - so here is my take on his fruit fabulous kheer.

​2 liters Full Cream Milk.
Sugar / Jagger - I used jaggery to taste.
1 Measuring cup Boiled Rice.
As much assorted Mixed Fruit.

1. Boil the milk , reducing it till you have about 1.5 liters left . Now add sugar / jaggery - remember fruit will also add to the sweet.Add boiled rice.Set aside to chill.
2. Chop into bite sized all the fruit you want​ and add into the chilled kheer.
​3. Enjoy !

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