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Kundru Aur Nariyal Ki Curry #sikandalouscuisine

I make this standard green paste of garlic , chillies , dhania leaves  to which I sometimes add curd and/or coconut. This is a very nice base for a chutney or can be used as a marinade , works well with just about everything. I have spread it on my cheese and tomato sandwiches . Here I used it with Kundru & Shallots .

200 Grams Tender Kundru - Cut lengthwise in two.
12-15 Whole Shallots.
Curry Leaves.
Coconut Oil- Prefered. 

Make Chutney:
8-10 Cloves Garlic.
5-6 Green Chilies.
1/2 Cup Dhania Greens.
2 Tablespoons Thick Yogurt.
Adjust your chutney flavors - chilies garlic etc. It should be spicy as it has to flavor all the vegetables.

1. Heat some oil , add curry leaves . Toss in kundru , cook 3-4 minutes , then add shallots and salt, cook covered till kundru is half done.
2. Add Chutney, mix well , cook covered till kundru is done . You can add some water / coconut milk to get a semi gravy if you like.
3. A good option is to drizzle some virgin coconut oil after taking the dish off the fire.

Came out light and delicious.

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  1. Kundru (Ivy Gourd, Coccinia grandis) is considered an undesirable invasive plant in many places. Eating the fruit helps limit its spread, although the plant also reproduces vegetatively.