Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Veenu's Vinegar Chili Paste #sikandalouscuisine

Some famous food were discovered by sheer accident - and we couldnt be more grateful for these accidental food inventions ! To mention a few, we have chocolate chip cookies or In 1898, brothers Kellogg were trying to find healthy food to serve to their patients they accidentally came up with toasted flakes ...Thus corn flakes came into being, changing breakfast forever.

For all the cheese fans here's a story to nibble on. Cheese is known to have been invented accidentally by an Arab merchant.During his travels he carried milk in sacks that were made of the stomachs of certain animals. The heat of the sun activated rennin, an enzyme found in the stomach lining which made the milk curdle and this led to the revelation of the criminally addictive cheese, so good that it's hard to imagine life without it!

Interesting huh ! Well Veenu Chopra's Mango Chutney post called for soaking dried red chilies with raisins and cloves of garlic in vinegar and then blending this all to later add to mango chutney . I blended this chili mixture - it looked exactly like the paste we get at Thai & Chinese restaurants and in my opinion tastes even better ! So here is our own sikandalous discovery - Veenu's Vinegar Chili Paste :

Soak in vinegar for 2 hours and grind to a fine paste - 10 dry red chillies, 10 cloves garlic, and 10-20 raisins. Add salt to taste and bring on the wantons... Life is delicious simple !

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