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Sukha Bhuna Meat #sikandalouscuisine

​A super quick and no fuss mutton recipe , we cook mutton using this method quite often at home. , and it comes out delicious. Here is what you do :

​Step 1​:
​500 Grams Mutton marinate in :
2-3 Tablespoons Thick Curd.​
1 Teaspoon Ginger Paste.
1 Teaspoon Garlic Paste.

Step 2:
1 Onion Minced.
1 Black Cardamom.
1/2 Teaspoon Ajwain.
1 Teaspoon Garlic Paste.
1 Teaspoon Ginger Paste.
1 Teaspoon Dhania Powder.
Chili Powder To Taste.
1/2 Teaspoon Haldi Powder.
Mustard Oil
2 Tablespoons Chopped Green Dhania.

1. Marinate mutton a few hours . I have mutton in the freezer marinating in this preparation at most times. Without adding water pressure cook mutton 2 whistles.Take off flame , allowing pressure to drop naturally. Mutton will be 50-60 % cooked and there will be some stock too.Starin , reserve stock. 

2. Add all powder masalas and ginger garlic paste to the reserved stock and keep aside.

2. Heat mustard oil , add cardamom , splutter ajwain then add onions , when onions brown add mutton and salt and bhuno for about 10 minutes. Now add in the stock which has ginger garlic and the masalas  , and cook covered for another 10 minutes or till mutton is nicely done , keep bhunoing occasionally. Take off heat , stir in chopped dhania to infuse flavors. Mutton will be cooked and nicely wrapped up in the masala , tender and delicious.

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