Thursday, 6 April 2017

Guppy by ai #sikandalouscuisine

Felt great to revisit Guppy by ai after over a year . The place was buzzing at lunch time , Sagar and I fortunately walked in just as a table got vacant , we met Anila there who came with her two kids - they will only eat sushi at Guppy she told me , and I agree with them - it's great stuff - and some innovative ones too.

​We opted for the set menu , which continues to be super value for money - a 5 course menu with Lobster in the main was priced at Rs 1100/- It doesnt get any better than that . Salted Edamame Beans crunchy and fresh as always - as was their delicately flavored salad . I loved my Mushroom Soup - Sagar went for a Miso option which he said was great .

Excellent Sushi , and then two killer mains , my Lobster and Sagar's catch of the day which were served with fantastic mushroom noodles , or fried rice , the latter I have never taken to there . How can one go to Guppy and not order Pork Belly - this is one of the best in Delhi and a must order. It was melt in the mouth finger licking succulent and delicious !

We ate a brilliant meal - Service as always was fantastic , friendly and informed . An as for my friend Chef Vikram Khatri - the undisputed rockstar for sure - his food is fantastic always . I must have eaten in Guppy over a 100 times and I kid you not , and each has been a memorable meal .

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