Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Gazpacho #sikandalouscuisine

​ecipe Credits The Soup Bible - With some tweaking . This soup is served chilled.
Gazpacho - a bowlful of contradictions ! It's light , yet hearty - delicate , yet robust in flavors and its a soup which is eaten chilled ! A soup made of bread, olive oil, water and garlic that the Romans brought to Spain and Portugal , the Gazpacho we know today is a chilled Tomato based Spanish soup originating in the southern Spanish region of Andalusia​ . 

Whatever the origins , or variants of the recipe , and there are many - one thing that sets this chilled soup apart from other is the burst of robust flavors that come with tomatoes and bellpeppers , cucumber and some spice.Nothing is cooked - the flavors are pure and delicious ! 

1 Kg Blood Red Tomatoes - Roughly chopped. 
1 Red Bell Pepper - Seeded and roughly chopped. 
​1 Green Bell Pepper - Seeded and roughly chopped. 
1 Large Cucumber - Seeded and roughly chopped. ​
1 Medium Sized Onion - Roughly Chopped.
1 -2 Tablespoons Red Wine Vinegar - Use any , also adjust quantitty to sourness of tomatoes.
2 Tablespoons Olive Oil - I didnt add any .
1 Tablespoon Castor Sugar - Soup tasted great so I added none.
Salt & Freshly Ground Black Pepper To Taste.

Reserve some small pieces of each vegetable to garnish the soup with .Process all ingredients through a blender , do it in batches to get good results.Strain soup pushing it through with a ladle to extract maximum amount of flavor.Adjust seasoning , serve chilled with a touch of garnish.

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