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Smoked Beetroot Salad - Desi Tarka #sikandalouscuisine

Yes I sexed up beetroot  , I took the desi route and dressed them in a nice tarka of rai , garlic , chilies , curry putta  and lemon juice - end result was yum .You dont need a fancy tandoor/ outdoor grill - foil wrap whole unpeeled raw beet and bake them in a tasla like I have , or in your oven - or perhaps use boiled beetroot too . Here is what I did .

6 Beetroot - Wrap in foil and over a dying fire bake them. When cool , peel and cube.
1 Large Tomato - Remove seeds , cube.
1 Teaspoon Minced Garlic - yAdjust to taste.
1 Teaspoon Minced Green Chilies - Adjust to taste.
A few Torn Curry Leaves.
Lemon Juice to Flavor.
2 Teaspoons Oil.
Feta Cheese - Optional.

Heat oil in a wok , sizzle rai seeds , add curry leaves , garlic and chilies and 30 seconds later add tomatoes with salt . Toss for a few seconds , you want them to remain firm , then tip in cubed beetroot.

Mix lightly , add lemon juice , another gentle stir to ensure each beet has caught the flavors - total cooking under a minute , everything must remain firm.Chill salad , and when ready to serve add feta if using . Beetroot Salad never tasted better , a hint of smoke , and full desi flavors.

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