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Rajashahi Shiro / Moong Dal Halwa #sikanalouscuisine

I love moong dal halwa - its rich and so delicious. For some reason I always took this to be only a North Indian recipe till I chanced upon it in Devika Bubbar's cookbook GUJARAT NU JAMAN . One read of the recipe , and I knew I now had to make it , time consuming or not . Go for this guys . That day don't count calories - you will burn them cooking this !

2 Cups Split Green Dal.
Hot Milk - Equal to the amount of ground dal.
1.5 Cups Sugar- Adjust.
2 Teaspoons Cardamon Powder.
1 Teaspoon Saffron.
2 Cups Ghee -  No escaping this !
1/3d Cups Chopped Nuts / Seeds

1. Soak green moong chilka dal in water overnight.Next day wash thoroughly , removing all green skin.Strain dal and grind to a fine paste . The milk quantity you use should equal this amount of paste .

2. Heat ghee , add ground dal paste and bhuno bhuno and bhuno on a high flame for about 20 minutes.Keep bhuno ing till dal paste turns golden brown.

3. At this stage sprinkle sugar , bhuno till sugar melts.

4. Now add hot milk in which you have added saffron too, and stir constantly till most of the milk has dissolved.At this stage reduce heat to minimum and let the halwa cook under your watchful eye till ghee separates.Sprinkle in nuts -and serve piping hot !

This halwa is known as the king of halwas . In Gujrati  they say ' Shiroo Matey Sadhu Thavu ' - One may turn hermit only for the joy of this shira -  as shira / halwa is the traditional offering to sadhus !

Happy cooking guys - you will love this !

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