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Pindi Channa #sikandalouscuisine

Recipe by Puneeta Chadha Khanna

Thank you  Puneeta for this superb recipe . This was not just delicious but  finger licking delicious ! Guys , throw out all other recipes ! This recipe of Puneeta's mom is a gem ! I made minor tweaks .

500 gms White Channa , Chick Pea
Pindi Masala
Roast all the 7 spices on a dry tawa till you cans smell the aromas and the masalas change colour . Then grind into a powder
3 Heaped Tablespoons Whole Anardana  - Use good quality moist Pomegranate Seeds
1.5 Tbsp Jeera/Cumin Whole
2 Tbsp Dhania/Coriander Seed whole
12 Cloves
20 Black Peppercorns
3 Large Black Cardamom/Elaichi
1 Two inch stick Cinnamon
Whole Masala
1 Bay leaf
2 Whole Black Cardamom
5 Cloves

Tamarind 2 walnut sized pieces soaked in 3/4th cup hot water and the pulp extracted
100g Ginger Julienned ( I didnt use )
½ Teaspoon Baking Powder ( I didnt use )
Green chillies for garnish
3 Tablespoon Oil ( mustard or ghee or any other you prefer )
Salt to taste
Soak Chanas overnight - Next morning pressure cook with whole spice . Cook enough and retain a bite. Strain , retain the water.
This stage of cooking I do in a big open kadhai . Heat ghee  , add the ground roasted masala to the oil. Stir on low heat for a couple of minutes till you can smell the fragrance of the cooked masalas .Please be careful that the masala does not burn .
Add Channas saute lightly , then add the retained water salt and tamarind pulp . As the water dries a thick masala will coat every Channa . I mashed some , and while serving I skipped the garnish of ginger but added green chilies.
This is a fabulous recipe - and I will always cook chanas this way !

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