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Manghshor Curry #sikandalouscuisine

This recipe is from Bangala Ranna by Minakshie DasGupta . I made minor adaptations after reading the three versions of the same recipe which are in this book. I loved this recipe. My gravy came thick as I reduced it to that consistency. 

500 Grams Mutton.
2 Onions Sliced Fine- I grated onions.
A Pinch of Garam Masala *
4 Tablespoons Ghee/Mustard Oil.
4 Potatoes.
Make Paste For Marination:
2 Onions.
1/2 Teaspoon Haldi Powder.
Chili Paste.**
1 Tablespoon Ginger Paste.
1/2 Teaspoon Garlic Paste.
1 Tea Cup Dahi ( what a weird measure for a professional cookbook , teacup not measuring cup ! )**
A Pinch of Sugar.

1. Marinate mutton in the paste - set aside for  1 hour.
2. Peel , cube and lightly fry , set aside.
3. Heat oil , add a pinch of sugar to caramelize , then fry onions till golden brown and tip in mutton and keep bhunoing till you see oil. Add enough water to cover the mutton and cook till mutton is tender. 
4. Tip in potatoes and simmer for another 5-6 minutes.Adjust flavors after adding in garam masala . I added a teaspoon of ghee at the end too .This was delicious even though it had a hint of sweet , which I guess came fro onions.

* Garam Masla not in the recipe
**I used 5 Dried red chilies, cut them , retained seeds, soaked them in a bit of water to make paste.
*** I used 2 Tablespoons Curd.

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