Friday, 3 February 2017

Var #sikandalouscuisine

I first tasted Var at a Kashmiri food festival at The Grand Hotel where my friend Sunil Tickoo had curated and catered the meal . I fell in love with the flavors of this dish which I believe is served at Kashmiri Pundit weddings when they receive their guests.This is how I made it as per Sunil's recipe.

250 Grams Mota Tukda Rice.
1.5 Ml Water - Water will depend upon the rice you are using . I used Parmal so used less.
1 Tablespoon Sonth Powder.
30 Grams Var Tikki Masala - Garam Masala is a substitute.
2 Tablespoons Hing Water or a generous pinch of hing.
Tadka :
250 Grams Mustard Oil
1 Tablespoon Shahi Jeera.
5-7 Walnuts - Break into nail size pieces.
Boil rice till half done , then add sonth powder,powdered var tikki masala and hing water along with salt.Cook covered on low till done , then add the tadka heating up mustard oil , tip in jeera , when aromatic add to the var along with some walnuts and cook for a few minutes to marry all flavors , and garnish with remaining walnuts.

Essentially you are making a khidri , but keep it on the loose side. I added a teaspoon of ghee while taking it off the fire. This dish tastes heavenly - no wonder its served on such special occasions !

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