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Beetroot Poriyal #sikandalouscuisine

This fabulous recipe is inspired from Sumeet Nair's The Bangla Table . I had some juicy Kinu from my farm which I added here as I feel citrus and beetroots are a perfect pairing . In the original recipe the beets are boiled , I wrapped my unpeeled beets in foil and roasted them in the oven till soft - a better technique in my opinion.

300 Grams Beetroot  - Boil , peel and cube or as I did , roast them , then peel and cube to size.
1.5 Teaspoons Black Mustard Seeds.
6 Dried Red Chilies preferably the milder Goondu Milagai variety.
2 Teaspoons Hulled and Split Urad Dal.
18 Curry Leaves.
1 Medium Onion.
2/3 Cup Grated Coconut.
1/2 Cup Kinu / Orange Segments - Not in recipe.

Heat oil , when hot slide in mustard seeds and chilies. When mustard seeds begin to crackle add urad dal and curry leaves , then onions and salt.Cook covered 2-3 minutes on medium for onions to get soft.

Slide in beets , half the coconut and orange/kinu . Stir well to combine and cook maximum one minute.Take off heat and when ready to serve ,garnish with the balance kinu and coconut. What a fabulous dish . I served this at room temperature.

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