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Scallop Rassa #sikandalouscuisine

Another recipe inspired from Rare Gems by Aditya Mehendale - here roasted onions bring a brilliant balance to the recipe which has some rater strong flavors . The original recipe was with fish , I used scallops , and was pretty chuffed with the results.The original recipe calls for 1 Kg Snakehead Murre.This is a dry curry. Make it tangy and spicy .

4 Tablespoons Tamarind Pulp.
500 Grams Scallops* - Lightly saute in oil for 1 minute on high heat , set aside while you make a paste of all the ingredients listed below:

2 Roasted Onions- Leave skin on and roast/bake/char grill on flame till onions are soft . Peel off skin and use. I put them in an air fryer.
2 Teaspoons Roasted Poppy Seeds.
1/2 Cup Grated Dried Coconut.
1/2 Cup Coriander Greens.
2 Green Chilies- Adjust - I used 8
1 Teaspoon Ginger Paste.
1 Teaspoon Garlic Paste.
1 Teaspoon  Kashmiri Chili Powder.
1/2 Teaspoon Jeera Powder.

Heat oil , add the paste , let it cook covered for 5-6 minutes till oil separates.Now add tamarind paste and salt . Taste - this will be the final flavor , so make adjustments as needed.Add scallops to the cooked paste , add 1/2 cup water if you wish , and cook for 2-3 minutes.Your delicious Scallop/fish curry is ready.

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