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Smoked Chicken Salad #sikandalouscuisine

​I used smoked chicken from #lionfresh here and availed the sikadalouscuisine 15% discount . You can go with regular boiled chicken too .
200 Grams Cooked Chicken - Cut into bite size pieces.​
150 Ml Orange Juice - I used Real from tetra pack.
​1/2 Red Bell Pepper -​ 
 Cut into bite size pieces
1/2 Yellow​ Bell Pepper - 
 Cut into bite size pieces
6-7 Shallots - Leave whole.
5-6 Green Olives - Cut into two.
1/2 Teaspoon Minced Garlic.
Basil Leaves.
Lettuce / Salad of choice.
Pine Nuts / Nuts of choice.
Salt & Black Pepper.
​Olive Oil.

​Warm up olive oil , add black pepper and garlic . When garlic softens add salt , basil leaves and all the vegetables , add orange juice cover and cook over low heat till peppers begin to soften - maybe 4-5 minutes. Add cooked chicken , cook another 2-3 minutes , by now all juices would have been absorbed by the vegetables and chicken , now turn off heat and allow the salad to cool down uncovered. Once cool adjust seasoning and serve on a bed of greens after adding olives and 
pine nuts 

The choice of vegetables are suggestions - go with what you have / like .
Don't overcook vegetables - leave firm with a bite​.
​You can do away with chicken and leave this as a vegetarian salad .
Choice of juice is yours , I personally like orange juice when reduced.
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