Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Methi Wali Bajra Ki Roti #sikandalouscuisine

Winter in Delhi brings some delicious eating options - one such is rustic bajra atta rotis made with freshly ground bajra - the readymade packet bajra atta are great too . Most of the times we add in methi greens and season atta with chilies and salt .

The trick to good bajra rotis is to knead the atta using hot water for good 5-6 minutes till you get a soft pliable dough. Allow this atta to rest covered for 30 minutes or so .Then make small balls as you would for regular rotis and with wet hands pat the roti into shape - no belan is used , and yes you won't get perfect round rotis owing to the nature of this atta . Now on medium heat cook roti on tawa as you normally would.

I added in chopped methi greens , chilies and salt while kneading the atta - and ate these delicious rotis with white butter . Life is delicious !

Atul Sikand
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