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Karah Prashaad #sikandalouscuisine

I read text and recipe on the net , I hope it's accurate . The prashaad was divine !

Degh/ Karah Prashaad is made from equal parts of wheat flour, ghee and sugar. The symbolism here is that everyone receives in equal parts and shows that everyone is equal in the eyes of Waheguru. Offering karah parshad also makes sure that no one leaves the Guru's presence (Gurdwara) empty handed.

Stone ground whole wheat flour 1 baata.
Liquid Gheo / Ghee (NOT butter) 1 baata. 
Brown sugar 1 baata. 
Water 3 baatay.

Quantity of all Ingredients should be equal in weight (not volume). 
Baata is just a old measure , go by weight of ingredients ensuring they are all equal .

Pour Gheo/ Ghee in the Cast Iron Karahi (Sarblohee Karaahee) and once it melts, pour wheat flour in it. Keep the heat at slightly higher than medium , and gently bhuno till atta turns brown.

While atta is being sauted  make a treacle of water and sugar on another fire .When you get that brown color your atta is ready to receive the treacle which should be added slowly.
Continue to stir the new mixture vigorously.When the Karah Prashaad stops sticking on the sides of the karaahee, you know that the Karah Prashaad is ready !

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