Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Singhare Ki Chaat #sikandalouscuisine

Singhara/Water Chestnuts are available for a short period in Delhi during October , and we make the most of them as all of us love their taste and how versatile they are . Here is a no recipe recipe - go with the flow and you will make a delicious and healthy dish I know.

1 Kg Water Chestnut / Singhara - Boil for 3-4 minutes , drain , cool and peel.
1 Teaspoon Jeera .
1 Teaspoon Rai.
Green Chilies Minced- To taste.
Lemon Juice To Taste.
Curry Leaves.

When you boil singhara , they get this wonderful green almond like taste and texture . To keep that intact , you must flash fry at high heat for the minimum time. Coarsely pound jeera and rai , heat oil , add jeera and rai , when aromatic add green chilies and curry leaves.Toss 15-20 seconds and over very high heat add singhara , salt . Saute not more than 30-40 seconds, add lemon juice and take off heat and immediately plate . Delicious !

Atul Sikand
Founding Member ,Delhi Gourmet Club
Director, Asian Hawkers Market Pvt. Ltd.
Administrator  & Owner Sikandalous Cuisine https://www.facebook.com/groups/325180622895/

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