Sunday, 16 October 2016

Noshi # sikandalouscuisine Restaurant Reviews

In Japanese #Noshi means gifts that express good fortune and good wishes , which in @prathnatuli & Varun Tuli's vision take the form of fresh , flavourful delicious Pan Asian food which gets delivered to your doorsteps in the most amazing packaging ! Salads and sushi come resting on mini freeze packs bringing them chilled and fresh to your homes while the rest piping hot and ready to eat .
Lets talk food - Sushi from the house of Tuli needs no introduction ,it's always special . I specially loved the Prawn & Chile Sushi and Veg Cheung Fun Sushi .Cucumber Blossoms ' Sushi ' was different and delicious .Yes they have a Bonaffie one too for that sweet tooth which worked real well for me who doesn't like sweet normally .
Spicy Schezwan Lamb hit all the right spots , and the Sea Bass Raw Mango Salad was one amazing creation as was the Crab Salad - superlative stuff. Snow pea Salad scored in the looks department (!) , but lacked that punch for for my palate.Three Pepper Chicken Noodle brought out the child in me and I loved it to bits . Do also try Basil Rice and Seafood Kimchee , they were excellent .
Noshi is a fabulous home delivery model - great selection of food and drinks , their Bev Bottles are special . Packaging will wow you as will the contents within. Mini Soy Sauce jars , Wasabi , Gari or Sushi Ginger , Dressings all packed to complete your delectable meal that just reached your homes.
Great job done Varun and Prarthna - Noshi is a winner and I am so excited that we are going to be a part of your launch 8 days from now at #asianhawkersmarket !
Atul Sikand
Founding Member ,Delhi Gourmet Club
Director, Asian Hawkers Market Pvt. Ltd.​​
Administrator & Owner Sikandalous Cuisine

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