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Ker Sangri ka Achaar #sikandalouscuisine

Thank you Sangeeta Agarwal for the Sangri and the recipe ! I took your advice and added Mango pickle masala at the end as I had no raw mangoes -What a delicious saag (?) this is ! The recipe in Sangeeta's words- I made it to eat and not to pickle so used less oil !
Ker Sangri ka Achaar
1.5 Cups Sangri
1/2 Cup Ker ( as desired) - Didn't have so didn't use.
100 Grams Ginger julienne.
1 .5 Cups Mustard Oil.
Green chillies
3 Tablespoons Red chilli Powder.
1/2 Tablespoon Haldi.
3 Tablespoons Rai Powder.
1.5 Tablespoons Fennel Powder.
1 large raw mango peeled n diced
2 Tablespoons Salt.
Soak the sangri overnight in very thin butter milk (1/2 cup curd n 4 cups water)/ the whey left from the malai after making butter.
Next day drain and wash the the sangri thoroughly. Boil in salt water 1 tbsp salt 4 cups water for 3 whistles. Drain an wash once again so as to get rid of all the grit. Dry on a clean cloth till no moisture remains
Heat the oil in a wok add the heeng, remove. While still a little warm add the green chillies.ginger Red chilli pwd, haldi, rai Kuria saunf . Add the sangri and ker. If using dried ker. Soak n boil mix now add the n salt mix it well take it off the heat n transfer to a bowl . Cool n keep it in a jar. It is ready to eat after 3-4 days.  If you want it to last for a few months. Cover it with oil properly
This Achaar can Made even if mangoes are not in season by adding Amchoor

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