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Channa Dal Sabudana Kheer #sikandalouscuisine

This recipe is taken from the net - Swathi's kitchen and Raks Kitchen - modified along the way !

1 Cup Chana dal 
1 Cup Sabudana - Can be replaced with enough Rice or Semolina too.
1 Cup Grated Jaggery - Soak in enough warm water to dissolve.
2 Litres Full Cream Milk - Boil down to 1.5 L 
1 Teaspoon Cardamon Seeds.
Ghee Fried Dry Fruit.

While milk is reducing with cardamon seeds , soak channa dal and sago in separate containers for 1 hour minimum.
Meanwhile cook dal till soft - some recipes pressure cook it , I retain a mushy consistency.
In boiling milk add sabudana and when sabudana is nearly done add cooked channa dal , bring to a boil.
Add gur/jaggery water , cook to marry flavors and get the consistency you need.Lastly add fried nuts.
Your delicious kheer is ready ! Happy feasting and fasting !
* I added a Vanilla Pod to extract some flavors - it was a great touch.

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