Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Nepali Kukhura ( Chicken ) Bhutwa #sikandalouscuisine

Another gem from Nepal , make this dry and spicy - and hey , you can never have enough oil in here . Sorry for the messy pic , it was taken on the table at dinner time .

400 Grams Chicken ( Boneless )
1 Small Onion
3-5 Dry Red Chilies.
1 Tablespoon Garlic Paste
1 Tablespoon Ginger Paste
1/4th Teaspoon Methi Seeds
1 Tablespoons Dhania Powder
1.5 Teaspoons Red Chili Powder. ( color )
1/2 teaspoon Timur  ( ground to a  paste If you can get hold of this superb herb )
2 Black Cardamon.
About 150 -175 Ml Mustard Oil ( Never can be too little oil ! )

Cut chicken into small size pieces .I would normally use chicken on the bone and cut into small pieces , but when entertaining I go with boneless.

Smoke the mustard oil , add cardamon, once it crackle throw in the methi seeds ( they will get dark in a few seconds ) and immediately add in dried red chilies and onions .When onions are almost dark brown add chicken and salt . The salt will seal the meat and the juices within .Cook covered till all water that chicken leaves out dries.
Uncover wok and 'Bhuno' ( wok fry ) the chicken on a medium high flame for 8-10 minutes till it changes color and gets a bit dark , bhuno well scraping the bottom and evenly cooking the chicken .

Meanwhile mix the garlic , ginger and dhania powder in enough water to make a flowing paste . Tilt the wok to a side to get the oil to one side into which you pour the paste . Cook in this position a minute or two till paste is nearly cooked . Blend the paste back into the chicken , add the red chilli powder and cook covered over low heat till the oil separates .When chicken is nicely cooked add timur  if you are using .

Bhuno it well - that is the trick in this version as I dry up all the water and ensure that the masala is nicely wrapped around each piece .You can never have enough oil in this dish as you can see in the pic ! This is delicious !

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