Saturday, 2 July 2016

Restaurant Review - TANDDAV #sikandalouscuisine


Shivkaran's vision with Vidur Parashar's innovative food curation and a heady mix of Nitin Kumar's cocktails brings alive TANDDAV - The divine dance of Lord Shiva ! You walk into this fabulous space , it could be Reema and Shivkaran's living room - classy and warm . Comfortable sofa seating on two levels with a bar on each , this 96 seater restaurant is just what was lacking in Delhi - all the pampering and comforts of home in a very energizing and happy space - yes kind on your pocket too .
Lets talk food - Global flavors with layer of complexity that work for the palate and not to confuse it ! Vidur has given us a menu loaded with well balanced and thought through comfort food plated with a touch of class and style. A cold Wasabi Soup shot was a perfect kick off to the meal which began with Japanese style Goame Salad - Spinach in a delicious pungent Sesame Wasabi dressing . Basil Coconut Haricot Beans in a Terriyaki glaze served with Peanuts and raw Coconuts hit the right spot.

I loved Thai Chicken Haru Maki - Delectable Chicken Green Curry in a Phyllo Pastry that melts away in the mouth . Calamari came plated with bhel - you wont stop at on serving nor will you want to miss out on Prawns with rai & Oats and the flavors of Curry Putta. Saku Tuna Ceviche , the recipe a gift from Vidur's Peruvian friend Marco served with Berries and Almonds was fabulous. Mushroom Gyoza - Pan seared Mushroom Dumplings left me cold.

Lamb Kofte Kabas , meaty , subtly flavored and perfect . Tamari Pork Ribs in delicious sweet Miso reduction was a must order . Salmon with Raw Mango Subzi was another gem while the star of the evening was Pulled Kathal Burger - smokey and amazingly well flavored - you will never guess it kathal and not pork .Pepperoni Calzone in the video tells it's own delicious story. Don't forget to order the pizzas !
A superb Smoked French Toast Brioche with an aromatic home made cinnamon ice cream - came with a touch of salt , sweet and cinnamony spice - you will love it as you will Churros in a Chocolate Ball - loads of drama and some superb flavors.
Do head to Tanddav when they open next week . It's a wonderful space - great interiors , light and colors- A feeling of home , friends and family all come together beautifully . I was telling Vidur and Shivkaran that they must do a tasting menu - With Chef Kapil Sethi's skillful touch , you want to try it all !

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