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A Review - Flavors of Lanka ‪#‎sikandalouscuisine‬

‘Flavours of Lanka’ food festival at The Glass House , Hilton Garden Inn ,Gurgaon , brings to you the robust flavor packed cuisine of the Spice Island .Visiting chef Thulitha Niranjana from Hilton Colombo Residence has curated a menu showcasing dishes that are unique to Sri Lanka, and in his words “I am going to focus on the authenticity of the cuisine to ensure every guest visits Sri Lanka, gastronomically speaking. Chef carried with him spices and various accompaniments to make the experience authentic complete . 

Loosely speaking there are three distinct ' wet ' curries - Black , Red and White Curry - each dramatically varied in taste and come packed with beautiful flavors .The Kukul Mas or simply a Chicken Red Curry topped with coconut milk - a dish commonly eaten in most homes was finger licking good. Malu Kirat Amirisata or Fish Curry cooked in a special steamer chef brought from Sri Lanka was again fantastic . What was my favorite was Alu Mas – A very popular dish in Sri Lanka. A black pepper preparation with pounded spices , lamb simmers for 2-3 hours until all the flavours marry and you get a melt in the mouth bite.

You mustn't miss out on is the dry Beetroot curry . This is a signature dish of Sri Lanka and Chef Neranjana’s recommendation- mixed with tamarind, cumin powder and subtle hints of coconut milk is outstanding. Tempered Green Beans -a light and crispy preparation of green beans, tempered with onion, dry chilly and curry leaves is very good too. Raw Mango Curry again very good. Potato White Curry in coconut milk and tamarind was yum.

Sri Lankan food is close to home. Our cuisines and quite similar - and as Chef says the difference perhaps is how spices are incorporated differently with a different blend . I thoroughly enjoyed my tasting - every dish had a distinct flavor and nothing was heavy - a superb experience and I would love to head back for round two - my experience was finger licking delicious !

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