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Brinjal Pulai - Vengi Bhat #sikandalouscuisine

This delicious recipe has been adapted from COOKING AT HOME WITH PEDATHA , adaptions made to suit availability of spice  in my kitchen- Seriously a great recipe , do try it . Here is what I did.
4 Cups Uncooked Rice - Wash and soak.
1.5 Kg Long Thin Baingans - Cube them and dip in water.
4-5 Potatoes - Peel and cube.
250 Grams Tomatoes - Chop.
15 Shallots - Probably never used , my addition.
4 Teaspoons Goda Masala - I didn't have Vangi Bath Podi so used Goda Masala.
The Powder:
1/4 Cup Split Black Gram Dal.
1/4 Cup Bengal Gram Dal.
Make Paste:
1 Full Dry Coconut Grated Roasted
5-10 Green Chilies.
Bunch of Coriander Greens.
2 Teaspoons Split Black Gram
2 Teaspoons Mustard Seeds.
Green Chilies. Chilies.
Curry leaves
6 Tablespoons.
4 Tablespoons Oil - For Tempering.

Dry roast coconut without oil , then add paste ingredients and grind - at this stage the room will smell heavenly !
​Boil rice with Haldi and salt till 90% done- add the ghee and half the paste mixture and the Goda Masala.
Heat oil , add black gram as it turns golden add all other tempering ingredients .Add the vegetables saute , then add balance paste and the powder .

When vegetables are nearly done put a layer of vegetables at the bottom , covered by rice , then  top that with more vegetables and finally add rice on top , cover and cook under ' dum ' for 20 minutes on very low heat for flavors to blend , taste and season - Garnish with some peanuts if you like , and a hint of coriander greens . This is perhaps the best vegetarian pulao I have eaten.

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