Monday, 13 June 2016

A Review - Burma Burma ‪#‎sikandalouscuisine‬

I have been waiting to eat at Burma Burma for the longest - the restaurant opened to rave reviews in Mumbai , and three years down the line the waiting can still be as long as 4-6 weeks . Was very excited to be called for a preview soon after it opened in Cyber Hub last week.

Traditional Burmese food - lots of street food from Yangon , and Inlay's famed Bean Curd based dishes along with a selection of the finest teas is what I had been told to checkout - it was love at first bite.

There is a Zen like feeling to the place .. happiness all over with the tasteful fun decor - Colorful Buddhist bells hang from the ceiling , walls have painted Burmese scriptures and are adorned with Burmese artifacts , silver tattoo needles and delicious aromas....

Samuza Hincho or the Samosa ( you read correctly ) Soup was yum ! A tiny samosa in a tangy spicy broth , loved it . Bean curd soup didnt work for me. Mandalay Laphet Thoke Tea Leaf Salad was superb and Tayat Thi Thoke Raw Mango Salad hit the right spots. Go for the steamed buns - brown onion and other was Tofu Spinach - both brilliant.

Another good dish was Ohn Thamin - Coconut Sticky Rice with Peanut Chutney which had raisins and crunchy peanuts in a tangy curry.In the mains we tried an exceptional Pickled Tea Leaf and Tofu with Sticky Rice , a must order Tohu Mash with Palata - Kind of a Bean Curd bhujiya with their version of a Malabar Paratha - you will love it .

Finally the real McCoy Shwedagon Khow Suey . It was out standing and no , not that soupy Thai curry paste coconut gravy stuff that's passed off as Khow Suey - This was the real thing , a superbly flavored noodle dish where we didn't need to add on any of the accomplishments that came with it.

Durian Ice cream which was delicious and a rare treat to find ,that too sitting here in Gurgaon and Smoked Avocado Ice cream get my vote. The meal was really superb - By the way, this is a vegetarian restaurant and you really dont miss any of those meats !

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