Sunday, 8 May 2016

Mothers Day Coconut Ladoo #sikandalouscuisine

My ' grandson ' Dheeraj from other parents made this Mother's Day Ladoo in a class activity . It seriously tasted superb , I loved it not just because I love him , but for all the flavors too ! Happy Mother's Day my friends - treasure every moment with them .
God couldn't be everywhere , so he made Mothers ........

They made Mother's Day cards a few days back - super impressive and with no parental / dadu help , proudly posting here as I hope you all are posting too !
Okay so here is what Dheeraj did he tells me - Can't vouch for quantities as these were made in school , but as there is no cooking , one can taste and adjust .
1 Can Condensed Milk.
1 Coconut - Grate very fine or zap grated coconut in mixi once or it will liquidize .
10-15 Tablespoons Assorted Nuts - Dheeraj used Almonds and Cashew - Blitz to a crumble.
20 Marie Biscuits - you will probably need to adjust the quantity to get more body.
Crush biscuits to a powder , add everything else . Get a firm enough mixture to form a soft ball , and you are ready to eat your perfect coconut ladoos !

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