Thursday, 12 May 2016

EEST- A Review #sikandalouscuisine

EEST at the Westin Hotel in Gurgaon offers the best of Asian gastronomic delights focusing on the cuisines of Thailand , China and Japan. As​​ Sanjay Sharma , Regional Head Starwood Hotels​ Complex​and GM Westin Gurgaon said their emphasis was on authentic flavors, creative styling while using the freshest ​of​
ingredients .​

They have 4-5 expact chefs from the region , ensuring authenticity and I am glad they havent ' tweaked flavors ' for the local palate .

Thai peanuts with lemon grass and mint along with crispy noodles placed on our table got our taste buds going while we waited for pearls from the ocean. Yes Sashimi were so fresh and neat that that's exactly how they looked !

Westin can proudly boast of Hashimoto one the greatest Japanese Masterchefs the country has seen , who then sent us a beautiful Sushi and Sashimi platter - California roll , Nigiri Ebi, the sweetest of Scallop ...Sashimi Taco , Mackerel, Salmon, Himachi and Tuna which was followed by fun Cream Cheese Maki Rolls. What an amazing treat to the eyes and palate !

We were done with the meal I thought when Sanjay insisted we taste some Thai. I didn't care much for the Wok Fried Vegetables in Oyster Sauce but Thai Crispy Lamb was a winner - tender yet with a crisp bite , just about under flavored allowing the juices from within to shine . KRa Pao Gai - the minced Basil Chicken was again beautifully flavored and a must order. The big winner was their Coconut and Caramel Custard - just go for it blindly , it doesn't get better anywhere !

Do head to EEST for some superb Oriental food , you will love the experience and the authenticity that comes with each bite .

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