Sunday, 3 April 2016

Desi Spanish Omelette #sikandalouscuisine

Debasish Bhattacharya had posted a delicious Omelet with  a Potato Filler early this morning and had my taste glands do a tango demanding some too  ! I set out with the idea of replicating his omelet but halfway through the prep my palate headed to Spain and thus this Desi Spanish Omelette was born.
3 Eggs , season and lightly whip.
3 Potatoes - Boil , peel and crumble in chunks with fingers.
1 Onion Sliced Long.
1 Tomato Chopped Small.
1/2 Teaspoon Minced Ginger.
1 Teaspoon Black Mustard Seeds.
 Chopped Greens - Dhania & Parsley ( use what you wish ).
Chopped Chilies.
1/2 Teaspoon Haldi.
1/2 Tespoon Baking Powder.
Mustard Oil.

Heat oil in a wok , splutter mustard seeds , add onions an
​d ​
lightly brown , then add tomatoes and ginger , cook just for 1 minute , taste , season and cool.Mix whipped eggs into cooked potatoes , add baking powder and bake at 170C till done - 20-22 minutes by my oven . When cool , cut into wedges and serve .Wholesome , fulfilling and yum !

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