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​Aloo Tomato Chorchori #sikandalouscuisine ​

Thank you Debashish for yet another gem - This has me hooked and I managed to pick out the remaining few Green Tomatoes left in my patch on the farm to make this yum dish .

his recipe comes out a winner in looks, taste and of course in aroma, especially for those who love a punch of mustard paste. And topping all it is so very simple to cook.
 250 Grams. Potatoes.
250 Grams Green Tomatoes.
1/2" Ginger – Coarsely grated.
4 Green chilies.
4 Tablespoons Yellow mustard seeds.
1/4 Teaspoon Turmeric powder

​ - I used 1 teaspoon.​

Salt – to taste
4 Tablespoon Kachchi ghani Mustard oil.
1. Skin and cut Potatoes.
2. Cut potato into 1inch dice. Wash and drain off water.
3. Deseed and dice tomato in the same way.
4. Soak mustard seeds for an hour and then wet grind with a pinch of salt and 2 green chillies.
5. Slit remaining green chilies.
6. In a mixing bowl mix all the vegetables with turmeric powder, mustard paste, grated ginger, salt and 3 tbsp. kachchi ghani mustard oil.
7. Mix well and transfer in a deep cooking bowl (Bati).
8. Add slit green chilies.
9. Pour 1 tbsp. oil over the mix.
10. Place the bowl with a lid and place it in a pressure cooker.
11. Put the pressure cooker on heat and cook for up to 3 to 4 whistles.
12. Take off heat. Open lid when pressure is completely released.
13. Transfer the curry on a serving bowl.
14. Aloo Tomato Chochchori is ready to serve.

​This was delicious , ate it with rice and now I hope I can source more green tomatoes soon !

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