Sunday, 13 March 2016

Ek Bar #sikandalouscuisine Restaurant Review

Ek Bar - A.D Singh's Indian Cocktail Bar is a wonderful and happy place - funky interiors , a feeling of light and space , great service and yes their cocktails work beautifully as does the food . Sujjan Sarkar once again shows us what great chefs are made of .
Booze talk - Cocktails are shaken and stirred with freshest of  ingredients only - no mixes , no ready made juices . Specials are listed under four 'tablets' - Ikka , Badshah , Begum and you guessed it Gulam , each with a story of it's own , inspired by Kings and NIzams , all with ' Indian ' flavors. Royal Indian Punch served in an ornate teapot -  whisky flavored with with Star Anise , Kahwa Tea and Grapefruit Juice was tangy beautifully spiced . Murabba Mule served in a copper mug was my favorite - Vodka Aam Ka Murabba and Ginger Beer .A very clever Turmeric infused Gin flavored with Mace - called City of Nizams was excellent too . Nitin Tiwari has done a brilliant job with his very clever and innovative cocktails , and this is from someone who doesn't normally drink cocktails happily!
The food - creative and masterly thought through , with a lot of unusual and unexpected twists , all came together brilliantly .Charred Roti with Rajma Hummus and the most delectable Pumpkin Pickle were a perfect introduction to what awaited us .Granola Bar , a Jhalmuri Puffed Rice Bar with the most amazing Dahi Bhalla Ice Cream is a must order as is Chicken Liver and Bheja Pate with Masala Taftan .

Sausage Thali was good though only Prawn Sausages really stood out - they were exceptional .Chicken Goli Kabab stuffed with Pine Nuts and Goat Cheese in a Roasted Red Bell Pepper Makhani Sauce again super creative stuff.Melt in the mouth Chili Sambal Jhinga with the lightest Hollandaise Foam and Raw Mango Green Apple Slaw were loved by my guests .

Belgian Pork Ribs were exceptional .Pandi Curry was disappointing , Patrani Mach was delicious . The show stopper was the  Red Fried Snapper in Gun Powder and Popcorn Khichri - yes you read correctly (!) and I would order it each time and I would the Banana Tarte Tartin  - A banana pastry tart with Date Jaggery Caramel and Ice Cream - a delicious sweet note to end the meal on .
Ek Bar is an experience I would head for Bar Bar ! Do go there if you haven't , you will love it . They do week end brunches I am told are superb .
D - 17, 1st Floor Defense Colony .
Atul Sikand
Founding Member ,Delhi Gourmet Club
Director, Asian Hawkers Market Pvt. Ltd.
Proprietor Chef And U -
Administrator  & Owner Sikandalous Cuisine

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