Thursday, 31 March 2016

Alternative Flour Roti #sikandalouscuisine

Thyroid forced me to look for a wheat substitute , and that's how these delicious rotis were introduced and started to be made in my home . They are delicious - trust me , most of the time just curd and pickle with these rotis makes a complete and satisfying meal . This is what we do - play around with flavors .
1/2 Measuring Cup Ragi Flour.
1/2 Measuring Cup Jowar Flour.
1/2 Measuring Cup Bajra Flour.
To Taste :
Chopped onions , Chopped Green Chilies , Garlic/Ginger Paste , Salt  etc.

Add enough water to make roti dough after combining all the ingredients , and kneading well to form your regular dough. Make 8 round balls .Take two pieces of oiled plastic / cling wrap or simply use oiled palms to pat each ball into a roti , and then under medium heat sekho these rotis on a lightly oiled tawa as you would a regular roti .

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