Monday, 4 January 2016

Makhana Ki Meetha #sikandalouscuisine

Many months ago on a whim I bought a bottle Natural Dates Syrup which I chanced upon while grocery shopping . It sat in my fridge as I am not really into sweet stuff . Anyway I guess it's time had come as one fine day I decided to make a kheer with it - then changed my recipe halfway as I also spotted an unopened packet of Makhana - thus managing to use up two unused ingredients deliciously.

2 Measuring Cups Makhanas / Lotus Seeds - They are bulky so you will get maybe 30-40 pieces.
2 Liters Full Cream Milk.
3 Tablespoons Jaggery Powdered ( Adjust ).
4 Tablespoons Date Syrup ( Adjust ).
1 Tablespoon Ghee.
Heat ghee add makhanas and lightly stir fry till aromatic and they change color , about 5 minutes .They will also harden .Set aside.When cool crush to half and quarters .
Reduce milk by one forth by gently boiling it , then dissolve sugar and the syrup.Add makhana , simmer 2-3 minutes , and adjust flavors .That simple and delicious.
Date syrup gave a superb flavor . I realize it wont be available easily , so you may simply use jaggery/brown sugar or innovate and stir in a suitable fruit pulp at the end - Chikoo I feel would give a super flavor too.

Innovate and eat sikandalously !

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