Saturday, 5 December 2015

Sheemer Bati-Chochchori (Flat beans / Hyacinth Beans Cooked in a Bowl) #sikandalouscuisine
My feedback on Debasish Bhattacharya ‘Shibaji’ inspired by Trisha's Bhapa Sheem !
1. Tender hyacinth beans – 250 g
2. Green chili – 3
3. Coconut (Small size) – Half
4. Poppy seeds (Posto / Khaskhas) – 3 tbsp.
5. Mustard oil (Kachchi ghani variety of any brand) – 5 tbsp.
6. Turmeric powder – A pinch.
6. Sugar – 1 tsp. (Optional since my coconut was not sweet)
7. Salt – To taste
Processing and preparation:
1. Clean, wash and devein hyacinth beans, but do not cut into pieces.
2. Grate coconut.
3. Wet dry soaked poppy seeds with green chillies into a paste.
4. In a mixing bowl take all the ingredients and mix well with mustard oil (Keep 1 tbsp. for final touch).
5. Transfer the mix in a thick-based bowl / deep pan and cook over low heat under lid till it is done. Once or twice toss the contents of the bowl.
6. Sheemer Bati-Chochchori is ready.
7. Add 1 tbsp. raw mustard oil for extra punch.
Serve directly from the bowl (Bati) on piping hot rice

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