Thursday, 3 December 2015

Palak Roti #sikandalouscuisine

Basic and delicious - you can make a meal of this with curd and achaar/chutney . This can be made oil free , or eaten with butter or even fried.Here is what we did.I know a lot of members make this with leftover dals - This is what we do with spinach.
Par boil Spinach with a bit of chopped onion and green chilies - add minimum water , if any. Add garlic now or later.Strain well and liquidize without adding any water.Set aside.
Take flour of choice and knead it using spinach puree as you would had you used water.Don't add water . Rest dough for 10 minutes after flavoring it with salt etc , then roll out your rotis in the normal manner and make either chapattis or fry them as you would parathas. This comes out delicious - Look at the lovely green color from the inside

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