Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Chicken Corn & Noodle Soup​ #sikandalouscuisine​

2 Liters Water.
400 Grams Chicken Thigh / Legs
​ ( With bone ).​

1 Spring Onion Chopped.
8-10 Cloves Garlic - Crushed.
1 Carrot Chopped.
2 Stalks Celery - Chopped.
10 Peppercorns.
1-2 Bay Leaves.

Simmer the above covered on low heat for about an hour.Strain and reserve the stock, retain chicken , discard the rest.This is your beautifully flavored stock which will be reduced to approximately 1.5 liters .Adjust seasoning.

Chop the boiled chicken to
​ bite​
sized pieces.
1 Cup Sweet Corn Kernels.
Boiled Noodles - Depending how noodly and thick you want your soup.
​2 Egg Whites Whisked. (  Optional )
1 Tablespoon Butter.

Heat a bit of butter , saute corn
​, ​
noodles and chicken for a few minutes on low heat .Add boiling hot stock , and gently simmer for a
​another ​
​then stir in whisked egg white , and take off ​
with a twist of lemon juice if desired.Hearty , wholesome and total comfort food​

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