Thursday, 26 November 2015

Gourmet Studio with Chef Amit Rana #sikandalouscuisine

Gourmet Studio with Chef Amit Rana was a wonderful experience and I must confess that I wasn't expecting something this fantastic . The food is not just about fancy plating and drama - it's surprisingly light , homely and delicious . Amuse Bouche - a lightly steamed and fried Patra served with a Chilly Ice Cream set the ball rolling . What a combination ! My soup - extract of Crab in Coconut Milk with a slight tang was as delicious as the vegetarian option - Asparagus in Coconut Milk . These came red pesto cheese , chilly and basil crisp naans - superb stuff . Did you know Asparagus in Hindi is called Sootmooli ? I learnt that last night.
First course was an aromatic and succulent Lamb Chop along with Char Grilled Prawn -brilliant stuff. Malai Paneer Tikka Bhatti Masala and Green Pea Corn Griddle looked good - however I was saving room for the main - Masala Art's famous Tiffin Dubba which was the star of the evening and came with a spectacular Mirchi ka Salan , a delectable Chicken Ghee Roast , Baingan Achara , Hydrabadi Khatti Dal which alone I would head back for and a flavorful and delicious Pulao . We ended our meal with Kesari Ghavar and Malai Kulfi Ice Cream - you cannot imagine how fantastic these two tasted together.
Seriously there were no misses in the meal . Everything was light as I mentioned , brilliantly made and though each dish had it's own very distinct flavor , it all came together as a superb not to miss meal .The very fact that within four days 95 people have bought this deal tells you a lot . Do take up this offer - starting from 1500 AI you cant give yourself a better treat !

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