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Sarson Da Saga #sikandalouscuisine

This recipe is from The Dhabas of Amritsar - a simple and informative book that along with recipes shared by the dhabas also brings you some history of these iconic eateries.Bharawana Dhaba is allegedly the oldest dhaba of Amritsar and this recipe is shared by the owner Subhash Vij. BTW this ' dhaba ' is now a swank clean air conditioned place and still serves you food made like it was 50 years ago I believe.
1 Kg Sarson Ka Saag.
8 Green Chilies.
6 Red Chilies.
400 Grams Palak.
50 Grams Soya Greens.
150 Grams Bathua.
1- Grams Makki Da Atta ( I avoided ).
125 Grams Desi Ghee.
50 Grams Ginger Sliced.
10 Cloves Garlic Chopped ( Not in recipe ).
Cut and grind all the greens and Green chilies.
Put in handi and cook slowly for 2 hours , add water only if needed.
Heat Ghee , splutter some red chilies and ginger - and garlic if using.
Pour over cooked saag, cook another 10 minutes .
Serve with white butter .
Delicious !
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