Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Delhi Club House #sikandalouscuisine

I finally made it to Marut's Delhi Club House after hearing a lot of wonderful things about the place. This 98 seater restaurant is beautifully done up - classy is the word actually as it's a wee bit understated which works well for me.Lots of light and feeling of open spaces , comfortable seating and some interesting touches - old fashioned ceiling fans and apt lighting , you enter and you get some strong good vibes . The only thing that didn't work for me was the crockery - it should have been club style with an emblem as all clubs have - not thob colored ceramic .
Menu - it's fun,  a mixture of canteen dishes , dishes from various clubs pan India to some Anglo Indian favorites - lots of nostalgia here .Cheese Souffle was brilliant , light and airy beautifully flavored with a mildly spicy cream sauce , A must order . Fish Finger Orly served with a home made Tartar Sauce and a Mustard Wasabi Mayo was excellent- like super good. Amritsari Kulchas were again good , cholas could do with a bit of a kick I thought .Prawn Masala I really enjoyed , while Railway Mutton Curry hit the right spot beautifully - I loved the flavors here.Excellent stuff.
Lemon Cheese Cake was just not happening . No flavors whatsoever. The staff heard us discuss this and a chef came to get a feedback then and there - which I thought was brilliant. They took it off the bill . Trifle pudding could do with more custard and sponge , presentation was excellent and taste was good no doubt , but not quite there. Molten Chocolate Cake was brilliant - perfectly made and delicious.
Pricing is excellent -every dish plated superbly .Service is fabulous - and very well informed which is a huge asset to any restaurant . I loved my experience on the whole and will head back soon . Super well done Marut , you have a winner here and one more fan !

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