Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Lau Shaak Posts Bhapa #sikandalouscuisine

A few days ago my friend Aritra Das after seeing pics of lauki on my farm suggested I use the tender leaves to make this quaint and exciting sounding dish . He explained the recipe which sounded simple and doable - and was it a smash hit ,I will never waste lauki leaves again !

3 Tablespoons Khas Khas / Poppy Seeds.
1 Tablespoon Sesame Seeds ( Optional - I used )
3-4 Green Chilies.
6 Tender Lauki Leaves - Remove stems , soak in cool salt water for 20 minutes , then rinse and pat dry.

1.Soak the seeds in minimum water for an hour , then discard water , chop chilies and grind chilies and seeds on sil butta to a coarse paste - not fine.Add salt.

2. Take one leaf , spread a heaped teaspoon of posto paste towards the middle , fold sides to make an envelope and with posto paste inside , secure with a toothpick or string.

3. Steam the posto packages for 20 minutes , I used an idli stand.
4 Remove toothpick / string , break up the leaves as seen in the photograph , mixing up shredded leaves and posto, add raw mustard oil , mix well and eat with steaming hot rice. You will sleep like a baby for a few hours afterwards !

Thank you Aritra , this was like a sublime experience - deliciously rustic and honest food - finger licking good . A recipe after my heart .

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