Saturday, 12 September 2015

Hung Curd Bites #sikandalouscuisine

A great snack , and relatively oil free too without compromising on taste . Take curd , loosely it in a muslin cloth to drain for a couple of hours - you will end up with a somewhat thick mass of curd .This is the base of your recipe. Flavor this curd with garlic / Black Pepper / Herbs - it's your canvas .I also added some extra virgin olive oil and lots of fresh sweet basil which was minced.You now have some delicious home made ' cheese ' which doubles up as a dip or as a dressing .
This dip I serve with lightly blanched carrot / zucchini / Radish / Celery sticks , broccoli florets etc , or plated on bite sized lightly blanched pieces of bell pepper as shown in the photograph -or  spread a thick layer on toasted bread . I had oven roasted bell peppers in the fridge which I chopped and spread on top of hung curd on toast as you can see.

This comes out delicious and versions of this is my morning snack after my walk or whenever hungry.Hung curd is interchangeable
ith Feta / Goat Cheese .

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