Thursday, 17 September 2015

Chicken Korma #sikandalouscuisine

This simple and delicious dish was taught to us at the sikandalous cuisine master class with the Jalali's , at Le Meridien Hotel . It was a super well organized class and Tanveer Kwatra and his team made sure everything was perfect .This is how Osama bhai and Ammi explained and taught this dish.
1 Kg Chicken
250 Grams Ghee.
250 Grams Onions - Brown and make paste.
250 Grams Curd.
20 Grams Ginger Paste.
20 Grams Garlic Paste.
10 Green Cardamon .
2 Teaspoons Red Chili Powder.
5 Teaspoons Coriander Powder.
8 Cloves.
1 Teaspoon Jaiphal , Javitri & Dalchini Powder.( I used 1/2 teaspoon each )
10 Grams Almond Paste.
2 Teaspoon Kewra Water.
1.Take a pot , add ghee , when hot add cloves and cardamon.
2. Add ginger garlic and cook for a while , I added red chili powder to get the ghee nicely colored.
3. Now add chicken , bhuno lightly a while then add whipped curd and cooked curd.
4. Add Coriander powder & chili powder.
5. When Ghee comes to the top add brown onion paste and cook slowly.
6. When almost done add almond paste and the balance powders and cook another 10 minutes.
7. When done , add kewra water.
Do all the cooking slowly and covered , add a dash of water when needed - this is a super simple recipe - the flavors amazing !

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