Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Punjab Grill Review #sikandalouscuisine

Punjab Grill was a great discovery for me . I must confess I was floored by the experience and the very humble and supremely talented Chef Gurpreet Singh Gehdu . We sat down to feast on some amazing kababs and curries and ended with some very creative deserts .
Sourish had told me to expect some great food , what unfolded was delightful to the palate , non greasy and delicately flavored dishes , what I would call tasted like fine home cooking .
Masala Chaamps fell off the pone and Salmon Tikka was a winner all the way - Here totally under spiced allowing this delicious fish's natural flavors to come through. Chicken Tangri and Dahi Kababs were superb too . I loved the Butter Chicken and the Meat Curry . Gucchi Pulao , again delicate in flavors was outstanding .I think the parathas were chur mur or some such name and tasted fantastic . Ajay Singh forgot to count his calories which will tell you how great the meal was. I have to mention the Kur Kuri Bhindis and alus - a winner all the way.
Desserts were fantastic , fresh and innovative. I loved all the kulfis but the Phalsa one .Do go armed with your Gourmet Passport and feast on some delicious food at Punjab Grill , I doubt very much if you will walk away disappointed .

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