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Potato and Egg Flan by #sikandalouscuisine

Heat Oven to 170C Bake 20 Minutes

A wholesome meal , a wonderful snack , Potato and Egg Flan is somewhere between a Spanish Omelet and a Quiche . You need no great skills , nor fancy ingredients to make this delicious dish - just eggs , potatoes and your imagination !

5 Large Eggs.
3 Tablespoons Cream ( optional )
1/2 Teaspoon Baking Powder.
3 Large Potatoes - Peel and cube. 1/4"
Green Chiles and Freshly Ground Black Pepper to taste
1 Large White Onion - Chop 1/4" .
2 Leeks - Chop in discs ( when available in season )
1/2 Red Bell Pepper - Chop 1/4"
1/2 Cup Bacon - Chop 1/2" - Bacon is optional , a delicious option or else add 1/2 Cup cheese if you like , or use both . No fixed rules.
2 Tablespoons Green Herbs - Chopped Coriander , Parsley - your choice , I used Garlic Chives.
4 Cloves Garlic - Leave whole but bruise by pressing gently with the flat side of a knife .
1 Tablespoon Butter + 1 Tablespoon Oil.

Heat oil and butter , add garlic , cook garlic gently till brown , you are doing this to infuse oil with garlic flavors.Discard garlic.
Add bacon if using , and cook for 2 minutes , if not add onions ,potatoes green chilies , black pepper and over low heat gently cook covered till soft - maybe 15 minutes.Towards the end add bell peppers and herbs .Take off heat and cool down ( the mixture , not you ! ).

Whip up 5 eggs with cream , add cheese and salt - salt will depend upon how much cheese /bacon you are using .Add baking powder.Give a final whip , and mix in the potato onion mixture.

Take a flan . I used an 8" round one , grease with butter , pour in the mixture and bake for 20 minutes till done. Cool , remove from the mold and get ready for the treat of your life !

If yoiur don't have an oven , no issues , make this like a Spanish Omelet - potr the mixture onto a suitable sized non syick pan , cook on low heat covered till omelet sets - place on tawa and let it cook slowly .

There is no fixed recipe - use corn , leftover chicken - it's your recipe , go make it to please your palate and the family - and wow friends along the way as this looks real fancy too !

Sikandalous Cuisine

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