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Ottolenghi's Roasted Aubergine with Saffron Yogurt ‪#‎sikandalouscuisine‬

I quote from the Cookbook Ottolenghi, The Cookbook : "Robust contrasting flavours, vibrant and vivacious colours, fresh herbs and nuts – laid out to create the most impact, we recommend that you serve it from a communal plate brought out to the dining table. It makes an exciting starter and doesn’t need much else beside it."
3 Medium Aubergines, cut into slices 2cm thick, or into wedges.
Olive Oil For Brushing
2 Tablespoons Toasted Pine Nuts
a handful of Pomegranate Seeds
20 Basil Leaves
Coarse Sea Salt and Black Pepper
Saffron Yogurt:
a small pinch of Saffron Strands
3 Tablespoons Hot Water.
180g Greek Yogurt
1 Garlic Clove, Crushed
2½ Tablespoons Lemon Juice
3 Tablespoons Olive Oil
Lets start with Saffron Yogurt . Infuse hot water with saffron , meanwhile whisk the rest of the ingredients and five minutes later add saffron water. Chill . Adjust flavors after chilling .This can be made 3 days in advance.
Slice Aubergine , rub olive oil salt and pepper , now you can grill them at 220C for 20 minutes or pan fry till done . This can be made 3 days in advance.
Arrange aubergines on a platter , overlapping one another , drizzle yogurt sauce over them , sprinkle pine nuts , pomegranate seeds and basil leaves and serve . Aubergines are at room temperature while yogurt sauce / dressing is drizzled chilled .The end result - the brilliance of Ottolenghi's creativity on your platter !
Sikandalous Cuisine

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