Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Poha Vada

A bored mind isn't always a devils workshop ! Was wondering what snack to make when this idea came to my mind , so I experimented using uncooked poha to make vadas . This is what I did .

1 Measuring Cup Uncooked Thick Poha.
1 Medium Sized Boiled Potato Grated.
1 Medium Sized Onion Chopped.
1/2 " Ginger Minced.
1 Teaspoon Kasoori Methi.
4-5 Tablespoons Chopped Dhainia Greens.
2 Minced Green Chilies.
2 Tablespoon Rice Flour.
1 Tablespoon Besan.
1 Tablespoon Hot Oil.
1.Wet poha and leave to drain while you chop up all ingredients.
2. Mix all the ingredients to desired shape - do so lightly .
3. Deep fry one vada to check if it holds and for flavors - adjust accordingly and then deep fry the rest .
These came out nice and crunchy from the outside and soft from within - super delicious !

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