Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Review of Afghan Darbar Restaurant - E - 96 , Lajpat Nagar - 2.

My only regret about yesterday's lunch was that we were just the two of us eating this fabulous food - I would have liked to have tasted many more dishes but physically that wasn't possible . Afghan Darbar was my first experience of Afghani food in Delhi and I so loved the place . It's neat , very clean , well air conditioned and the food is not just amazing but even more amazingly priced given the generous portions.
Friends on DGC recommended Chopan Kababs - they came piping hot on gigantic skewers and were delectable with a good hint of garlic. Qubuli Uzbaki another recommendation was again a must order each time kind of a winner - lightly seasoned mutton with delicately flavored  brown rice topped with raisins .This came with a tiny portion of Rajma which I will order next time and an amazing baingan - Borani Banjan I think which was
fried almost mashed slices of baingan topped with a sour garlic curd / cream maybe , sprinkled with dried mint .
Qorma Murgh was good - but probably avoidable next time . All this comes with these gigantic Afghani naans and for a total of Rs 730/- which included soft drinks and bottled water. I have long wanted to visit these famed Afghani eateries and thanks to all the tips friends in DGC gave , my first experience was delectable . Oh yes , do head there on a Monday - Lajpat Nagar Market is shut which makes it such a pleasure to visit the area !


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